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November 11, 2013


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Summer and Kollision Con 2013

Mon Nov 11, 2013, 11:17 PM

Hi, everyone! :wave:

It's been awhile since my last journal update. It got pretty busy & eventful during the summer after ACEN, and oh boy, do I have stories to tell.

Guess I'll start off with going to my first live WWE/wrestling show. I went to the WWE PPV Payback here in Chicago around mid-June. It was definitely a different experience/perspective compared to watching it on TV. There's no commentary heard; all you hear are the chants from crowd, the wrestlers' entrance music, the announcers, and the sounds from the ring. But it was still pretty fun. My seats was pretty much across from where the wrestlers make their entrance, so I got to see them a bit up close. At the same time, it was hard to see the titantron, so at times I had to lean and crane my neck just to see. Not sure if I plan on going to another one in the future, but I guess we'll see.

One of my uncles (one of my mom's older brothers) got really sick. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And so I had a lot of family visiting during the summer just to see him. A few days after seeing the WWE PPV show, my other uncle, aunt (his wife) and their 2 grandchildren from New Jersey came to visit. I hadn't seen them in awhile, especially their grandchildren... I hadn't seen them since they were babies, and they're now 15 and 11 respectively. But it was pretty cool having them here; we made sure the kids had a good time by showing them around several places around Chicago since this was their first time here in the city.

Went to Anime Midwest for the first time back in July.  I was a part of their artist alley, and it was pretty awesome. Got to meet and befriend a neighboring artist, and met some other awesome people as well. Not only that, but in all my time that I've been in an artist alley, this was the most successful one to date, especially for a small convention.

Early August, my dad got carjacked. He went to pick my mom from work at the hospital, and while waiting for her at the pick-up/drop off drive through at the front of the hospital, some guy walked up to the driver's side, opened the door (which unfortunately was unlocked), told my dad he needed the car, pulled my dad out & drove off with our SUV. It's a blessing that my dad was unharmed and the guy was unarmed, but I'm sure it was a shocking experience for my dad. What's even more of a blessing was that the criminal wasn't very smart. As soon as the SUV ran out of gas, he stayed in the car. Some person noticed it, called the local police...and well, that's pretty much how he got caught. He was also caught in the hospital's security camera; the detectives showed us the footage...and well, it was pretty surreal just seeing it. All in all, my dad was ok, our SUV was ok (which we got back within the end of that week and it only had a few minor scratches), and the guy will be behind bars.

The weekend after that incident, I went to Wizard World for a 2nd time. Got to meet and see my fave WWE wrestler, CM Punk, again. Managed to hug him and get a better picture with him this time around. I also got to meet the voice actress, Tara Strong. I had wanted to meet WWE Diva, AJ Lee, and the trio, The Shield, but AJ only appeared on Sunday (and I only went on the Saturday) and I only had enough money to buy a ticket for one day and to just meet Punk and Tara.

Towards the end of August, my uncle died from his prostate cancer. A lot of family had wanted to visit him again before he had passed away, but most had made it too late. Other than my uncle & aunt from New Jersey visiting again, a lot of my cousins from all over North America came, each representing from other aunts & uncles (my mom's other sisters & brothers) that couldn't be able to come (since they're all in the Philippines). A few of my mom's cousins also came. All of them had wanted to stay here at our house (because my mom is a good cook & stuff), so it was a PACKED house. Although it's sad that we had all gathered due to my uncle's death, but at the same time it was awesome to see family again, especially since I don't see them often. And one of my cousins that came, I met her for the very first time. Even though I wasn't completely close to my uncle, we will all miss him greatly.

Around mid-September, my dad got a bit sick and was admitted to the hospital for a few days. Apparently, my dad has diverticulosis, which means he has lots of pockets formed on his colon. One of those pockets popped and caused some bleeding. Fortunately the bleeding stopped, and they had to do some colonoscopy and I think also some endoscopy on his stomach just to make sure that the bleeding wasn't from somewhere else. But overall, my dad is okay. No cancer or anything. Only thing he has to avoid are seeds, nuts, or anything that can't easily be digested, otherwise it was get caught in those pockets and might form diverticulitis.

....So yeah, that was pretty much my summer. Also adding to all these events, one of my co-worker/friend ended up completely tearing an ACL on her knee from playing volleyball, so she was out for most of the summer (and will still be out for a few more months due to just having surgery). So I pretty much had ended up with lots of work hours. Which is fine by me, since I'm in need of money to pay off a few important bills.


So towards the present, I ended up getting back into anime. I had stopped midway on a few anime series that I was watching from the few past seasons, so I ended up doing a few marathons on catching up on them and even on some that I had completely missed as well.

Attack On Titan was awesome from start to finish. Despite ending at an arc, at least in ended on some sort of conclusion. Suisei no Gargantia was a nice series as well. I hear that there will be a 2nd season, so I'm excited for that. Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya was a cool series. Episode 6 was my favorite, and I love the violent reaction between Rin & the wand, Ruby.  I hear there will also be a 2nd season as well, so will definitely look out for that. I also marathoned Dangan Ronpa, which I thought was a pretty good anime adaption. Never played the game, but it seemed to have followed it pretty well.

Series that I'm currently watching and keeping up to date are: Kill la Kill (which is THE anime series of the season; everything about it is so UNIQUE), Log Horizon (I think it's better than Sword Art Online in my opinion; and I absolutely LOVE the character Akatsuki), and Tokyo Ravens.


So anyone around the Chicago area going to Kollision Con this coming weekend? I'll be at their artist alley for the first time, since they had moved the con to Rosemont at the Crowne Plaza this year (which is easier for me to travel than going all the way to St. Charles, IL). Hope to see you there!

Anyway, sorry for the REALLY LONG journal post. Hope I hadn't bore you all to death with my wall of texts, lol.

Well, ta ta for now! :wave:

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